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Publisher Benefits

Bring Written Content to Life

Enhance social sharing and content virality

Increase revenue and track performance with built in Monetisation & Analytics tools

Stimulate audience engagement

Unlimited native design options

Simple, easy to use & free!

How it works

Step 1

Choose your creation type

Login to the Dot Portal and get creating.

Polls are great to learn more about your audience and their opinions whilst improving the dialogue with your readers.

Quizzes are a fun way to encourage longer audience engagement time and gamify content. New widget types coming soon.

Step 2

Be creative

Take advantage of thousands of royalty free images, numerous font types and colours to create the perfect widget to suit your page. Include your site logo for a completely native feel.

Step 3

Publish in a click

Instantly generate an embed code to place wherever you wish the widget to appear on your website. Widgets work best when prominently and thoughtfully placed.

Step 4

Monetise & Engage

Built in monetisation. Dot widgets can combine your created content with our advanced SSP to show high quality ads designed to improve user experience and grow revenue.

View and track revenue performance and interaction trends with DOT Analytics.

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